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Leaving a Palm Wax candle in my car!

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I forgot I left a white unscented 2 wicked candle I made in my car I just remembered it this morning! it has been in my car for a week. In my trunk no less! :grin2:

So when I looked at it it didn't even melt, or anything! it looks as good as the day I poured it! :yay: and it was laying on its side when I found it! Our weather temp has been in the 90's here!!!!

So these do not ruin if you need to carry your palm candles in your car or mail them out in the summertime!!!

I guess that was an excellent test! :laugh2: Just to let you know if any of you were wondering!!!!

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Not so with my soy wax. I had a customer leave one of my candles in her car and it was scented and colored and it melted :cry2: . I felt horrible but there was nothing I could do and she expected me to do nothing so I felt a little better. Now I put in big font. DO NOT EXPOSE TO DIRECT SUNLIGHT.

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