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Rusting mason jar lids to make them look primitive?

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I have read somewhere that you can put them in the oven on the oven cleaner setting that gets really hot - but I have never tried it. It would be worth a try to see if you get the look you want :confused:

I would only try 1 or 2 to begin with just in case it don't work for you :wink2:

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here is a way my group does them ..

using modge podge matte or gloss finish .. either or .. rub the whole lid down with it .. turn it upside down an dip into a bowl with a mixture of ground cinnamon, ground coffee , ground nutmeg and ground pumpkin ..

let set then coat with more modge podge .. takes no time at all once you start going .. i've done as many as 50 an hour

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I went to great lengths trying to rust veggie cans, tried the vinegar & salt, peroxide & salt, vinegar and bleach soak (worked best), spray paint, etc. but never got the look I wanted until I did the modgepodge and instant coffee. I found that if you grind the coffee smaller it looks better. Now I have to actually put wax into the can to test the durability. Good luck!

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