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Huge Blisters on tops of cured candles

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I opened up a box of candles that has been curing for at least 3 weeks and 2 of the candles had huge blisters on top. I used:

1# C-3

1/2 Tablespoon Coconut Oil

1 oz Lotus Blossom (GW)

2- 9 oz square tumblers

Eco 12 wicks

These are the only 2 this happened to. I made a bunch the same day...according to my notes, Lotus Blossom was the first made. Next morning covered and put into storage late that night. Could it be the fragrance? or the fragrance/coconut oil mix? Maybe I've just been lucky, but this has never happened before...lot's of other surprises...but not this one. I was pretty:embarasse as I was showing the candles to a customer.

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Those are them! I got them on the sides of the wick not around the whole thing...but boy never saw anything like it before. I guess it happens. I torched the tops to see what will happen and I'm not going to cover them for a day or so just to be sure.

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This was fate or something that this happened cuz I was at the grocery store last night and they had soy candles on an endcap in the pharmacy section! I went to open one up to smell it and monster blisters were on top. I think I opened 20 candles before I found 1 that didn't either have blisters, really bad tops or the wick wasn't off center. This is not meant to put down those candles...merely to make us realize that a MAJOR retailer is carrying what we would all not even consider selling the way they look. In the makers defense: the blisters could have appeared after they were shipped to the stores. By the way...bought the best one I could find, 7.5 oz of wax on sale for $7.99 (I think reg $8.99.) They smelled great and just had to see how they burn. I picked cinnamon roll, figured out of 5 frag. avail that one would be hardest to wick. Gonna burn it today!! Oh, it also looked like several had been sold already, unless they stocked the rack with empty spots!

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