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How to make body massage candles?

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You might find some information is you use the search function for "lotion candle". Not likely any recipes though. Encouraging people to put hot wax on their skin is dangerous and most people here prefer to promote safety.

Actually, I have bought some from a lady that sells them and it is like a solid but soft lotion that burns like a candle. It comes in several fragrances. I would have gotten the recipe from her but she has moved away to Atlanta. The candle when burning, melts and you can pour it over your body. It is as warm as a baby's lukewarm bath water. It feels like baby oil w/ lotion mixed. I've tried it and it is safe, edible, and romantic.

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I can only say for myself and other adults that I know that has used them. It was safe for us and of course it is for responsible adults only. To each its own. I asked for those who are interested or who may know the recipe. If not for a hobby for myself and my friends. I would never force anyone to side with me or buy from me.

We know what they are and we know how they work it a great debate here how safe they really are.

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