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HI, new to board

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Hello Everyone - Just wanted to say hello. I am new to the boards, and to candle making so I am sure I will have a ton of questions. There is a lot of great information here, I will be looking at this site for hours lol.

I want to order initial supplies this week as I can't wait to get started! (Any advice is appreciated) I am looking at the different soy waxes. I have several FO here already from my bath/body stuff. However they aren't listed on Vicky's list of good throw FO for soy, so I may need to order others..

I am overwhelmed! lol

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Hi and welcome to the board. I started with a candle kit from Cajun Candles but Peak has good ones too. I can't help you much because I make Paraffin candles and tarts. Everyone here is very helpful if you have questions.

Welcome to the addiction.:yay:


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I have looked at the MC site! I was on there again last night, and almost ordered the kit but thought I should shop around first. I have a tendency to just dive in lol.

Thanks for the welcome everyone :)

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