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All Natural Soy vs. Soy Blend

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First: Please forgive me, I can't get into my search results, I think I just need to go home.

Okay. I've been trying the 444. I like it...BUT...It has ugly tops, it changes colors after burning and the wet spots are giving me a tick. HOWEVER, it has awsome cold and hot throw.

Now...I have discovered IGI 6006 at a local supplier. It's more $$, but I would save on shipping. Any thoughts on one vs. the other?

Also, it seems that I'm having to wick up with the 444.

(Using 8 oz. mason's and 6 oz victorian's) Thanks everyone!:wink2:

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I tested the 6006 and didn't really like it. I'm not a paraffin basher by any means, but this wax is more paraffin than soy. I like more soy than paraffin, but that's just my personal preference. Not much help, am I?

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I tested IGI 6006 I really liked the cold and hot throw. BUT I hated the repour. My testers loved it to but they still prefer my soy. So that's what I stuck with. Have you tried to put beeswax in your soy? It helps minimize the rough look on the top.

Mindy :)

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