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Never smelled them, BUT ... just got an order in from Tennessee Candle Supply and amidst the bottles was an oil of Amber. OOB (which don't take that review) I could sniff all day and night so I'm excited to get it into wax. Perhaps PL's version is something similar <shrug> but TC's might be something to try.

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A newbie @ posting , but have been reading this forum forever! Love it & you are all so talented!!

My question:

A dupe for: Amber Dream by Party lite

High Maintance by Taylor Candle



I don't know if you've found these search sites yet, but if you haven't, they are GREAT(don't know if those 2 are on their though). Check them out:




I've spent many a late night reading through reviews, etc....They are wonderful sources. Have fun!

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