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A simple thank you

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i would just like to say thank you to everyone on this forum especially the veterans who willingly go out of thier way to help one another and people they do not know. you have saved me a lot of time and money with you're well thought out honest advice tips tricks and all that jazz. i dont post often normally find what i need with a search but me and the wife often look here first when we run into problems.

thank you all almost feels like family here with out the politics honest some times brutal honesty is rare in the world but this is not the case here. its refreshing and uplifting.

sometimes you just need to hear a thank you and we rarly say it enough.


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I need to express my appreciation, too. Besides getting the great information there are those who can express their frustrations in a humorous way. Even if you're ready to give it all up - someone will lighten up the mood, settle you down, and get you back in perspective. THANKS FOR THAT all you joksters!:grin2:

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