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Trying a parasoy blend for the first time :)

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For the first few years of making candles, I stuck with the paraffin wax, then will I was recovering from an op at the beginning of the year I had so much time on my hands to sit on the pc, I began looking at soy. Having seen so many gorgeous looking candles made with soy, I thought this would be the time to do some reading up on the subject. So I ordered some wax and as soon as I was able to stand long enough to pour, I was away, testing this fo and that fo. For the past few months I've tried to make container candles with the soy but wasn't entirely happy with the results. So after scanning the message boards thought right I'll give the parasoy a try, so I've now got 2 different size jars with a 50/50 blend, and YAY they have a great scent throw and so far the mp is looking good. Can't believe I never tried this before as it was so easy. Fingers crossed they still burn great after the first burn. Will let you know how they go :)

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Thanks Sharon :) so far its looking good for one of them, will have to wick up the other. On the 3rd burn just now once thats done will be out making a mixture of scents to see how they go, so glad I just had a load of wicks arrive lol

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so I've now got 2 different size jars with a 50/50 blend

Something that may make your testing go easier - concentrate on ONE jar type/size first, get the wicking right for that jar. Once that happens you can extrapolate for other diameters and your "guestimates" of what wick to use will be much more acurate - you'll save time and money.

This is assuming the jars of the same type. For instance you can do this with all straight-sided containers, but I would not when going from a straight-sided (like a tumbler) to one with a neck (like an apothecary or mason) which will hold more heat in the jar.


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