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Thoughts on using MMS wild strawberry in CP


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I've copied/pasted for you!!

Method: CP

Batch size: 2lbs

Oils: Coconut, castor, cocoa butter, soybean, sunflower

Usage: .5 oz ppo

Temp: ~ 100 degrees

A&D: discolored to a grayish color

Notes: Fragrance morphed into Strawberries and bile, and has faded to a stale perfume smell after about 2 weeks

Smells good in M&P, but my youngest daughter thought it smelled like medicine.

Edit 10-19-06 Most of the perfume notes have faded leaving the soap with just the slightest hint of sweetness. Still not something I'd use in CP soap again.

The scent also took on perfume notes in the M&P but seems to have returned to strawberry when my daughter took a bath with it.

It also smelled a little like perfume and curdled the lotion I put it in. Weird. I use a commercial unscented lotion to make scented lotion since I only make it for myself. Possibly just the brand I use that was the problem.

This scent smells absolutely fabulous in candles at a rate of 1oz pp.

(I was so sure I'd love this I bought a lot without trying a sample first. It's the only one I did that with. lol.)

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