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Fustration is setting in here!!!


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This past month when making soap they end up being crap. Luckily I have been getting good batches for the swaps. I am either getting the white spots which is stearic which is mostly and then when I don't get the white spots I get the croc skin on top. I have searched and did what was suggested by others and I am still having the problems. Maybe I should just give up until the Fall timeframe. Any other suggestions out there that I can try or maybe I will go back to watching my temperatures instead of RT. TIA

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My last month has been one crappy batch after another. No matter what i did. But I've had 2 reasonably decent batches in a row now (after ELEVEN bad ones) - so there is hope.

DO go back to what has worked.

BTW: the "room temp" soaping where you add the hot lye to the solid butters and oils didn't work for me - I got white chunks in my soaps and other unpleasantries. I wanted it to work but it just didn't. What I have teh best luck with (most days) is pre-melting my butters and oils and letting that (and my lye sol'n) come to room temp before soaping. And even then if the oils mix is cloudy I zap it in the micro to clear it.

Good luck Karol!

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11 bad batches? I know where those fairies and gremlins went when I drove them out of my house! I had three bad ones in one day and that really made me take a few days and do something else...there is always something else to do.:wink2:

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