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Any suppliers in Sacramento

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Let It Shine has a warehouse in West Sac, but I'm not sure what they have there other than wax. I wish there were other suppliers in the area here, but if there are, I haven't found them yet!

I order my jars from Fairway and they have a warehouse in So Cal now (LA area, I think?) so if you're driving, you might be able to hit them on your way home or something...

Have a great time at the wedding! The weather has been HOT here this week!

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I'm going to a Sacramento for the next four days to attend a wedding. Does anyone know of any soap or candle suppliers, including jars, in the area? Since I will be in the area I'm hoping to get some supplies to save on shipping. TIA.

I'm so jeoulous you get to go to Sacramento! That is my hometown, my old stomping grounds and where my family and long time friends live. And now it has my boy! :cry2: Have fun and enjoy the wedding.

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Thanks for posting the information for the places in Sacramento. I should've posted earlier asking for the information. Next time I will definately visit the places listed.

We had a great time in Sacto and unfortunately didn't have time to do anything extra as were had to drive our kids in two different directions to activities since they were in the wedding party. It was 107 on the first day but cooled off nicely into the 90's the rest of the time. We will be planning a trip back in the future so we can see the sites.

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