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? about lye calc


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go to soapcalc.com and you will see the options. Click on the tab SoapCalc 9 WP and in the box that says Total Oils Weight be sure to click on oz. You should be good to go.

But first take the time to explore the whole site, it's a great resource.

Alternatively the calculation to go to % is very easy and something you should learn anyway. Total up all your oil weights (in your case 88 oz), divide each component by that amount ( so for coconut it would be 16/88) and multiply the amount by 100. so your recipe is 18.18% coconut oil. and so on...

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Thanks....as along as I can get the lye right then I know I can do it...This is one recipe I am going to use

16oz coconut oil

36oz olive oil

36oz canola oil

Since it is already in ounces will it give me the amount of lye and water to use?

Yes it will. Don't worry I made several batches before I worried about percentages. Learn to make the soap first, sounds like you are ready.

Good luck, I bet you will love it!

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