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where to find crayon shaped bottles


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saw these on a few different websites. would love to know where to order from, i did a google search and have only come up with places that sell products in them, I haven't found any suppliers yet. i would rather they were the clear ones.

Thanks. Heather


see this link for the clear bottles.. https://www.pioneerheritageshoppe.com/littleartistbathgels.htm

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after i posted this i came across this site http://www.organic-creations.com/servlet/the-Containers-%26-Packaging-cln-Bottles-cln-4oz./Categories which carries 4 oz ones for 30 cents each and the 8 oz ones for 35 cents, no min. qty either!!! and you can pick ups or post office whichever is cheaper.

does anyone here use them? or know of a good clear premade bath base to use in these?


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