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a few Backwoods reviews


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I used all the following at 1oz pp in soy (C3) with very good throw in a short amount of time.

Passionfruit & Guava (yummy, my new favorite scent)

Amazingly Graceful

Backwoods Blue

The Blue I burned 24 hours after pouring, the others have been almost 2 days.

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macnmyer, I think my nose is broke. Either that or it needs some fragrance boot camp. I only detect the cedar and some sweetness in the Blue. While burning, cold, and OOB. Other people don't even seem to notice the cedar, but it's all this nose is pulling out. I'll have to stop smelling it for a couple days then try again.

The Hazelnut Coffee has such a strong cold throw that I don't need to light it. Very strong coffee and hazelnut scents. Of course, I will light it...soon.

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I just soaped Blue Sugar from BW and my hands smell of coconut. It didn't smell that way in the bottle (OOB I got caramel - yum!). Hope it doesn't smell like coconut when I get home. Cause I hate coconut.

No coconut in my soap - must have been residue on the outside of the bottle or quite entirely possible it could have been my imagination.

The scent in soap is FABULOSO!!!! Wow, it's AMAZING.

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