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Marble Pillar Help

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Hi, I was wandering if anyone on here can help me with marble pillars. I've tried several now and none have come out very marbley at all. I've been following the instructions on the techniques section and haven't managed to find anything appropriate searching.

I think i know where i'm going wrong, but not quite sure how to fix it. Ok I think firstly i'm adding the liquid dye too soon, but have tried different consistencies with no luck, so could anyone please tell me how you know the wax is ready for the dye? Also do you spoon the wax in, or just pour it in?

Also i'm wandering if i'm using the heat gun too much? How long do people use the heat gun on the mould to smooth the candle?

Also another problem is that i'm finding the wick often likes to come out, like it's not mixing with the wax very well, as the wax isn't as hot. So ermm any advice on these three things, or anything else it could be? Using straight paraffin with 10% stearine in a 3inch round aluminium pillar. Using candle science liquid dye, about 1 drop for a candle about 4 inches high in the 3 inch diameter mould (Too much maybe?)

Thanks in advance for any help

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I've had good luck making marble pillars, however I've only done them with soy wax. I'll explain how I've done it and perhaps you can use some of the techniques with your parrafin wax and see if it may work out too.

I take out the amount of wax that I'm going to use to fill my mold and have it in a separate container to begin cooling. Once the wax develops a film on it I begin to stir it and keep stirring it until it gets an oatmeal consistency. Once it develops a thick oatmeal consistency, I take my liquid dye and add 4-5 drops depending on the color. If the color is dark like a red or royal blue I'll use 4, if it is a light color such as pink or any pastel I tend to use 5; each color behaves differently so it takes a bit of playing around to see what amount you like the best.

Once I've put my few drops of dye in, I take a wooden dowel and make one stir once around the container, just to help the dye run down through the wax. Then I pour the wax sloppily (if that is even a word) into the mold. The last bit of wax may have trouble pouring so spooning it out may be necessary. When it is all in the mold I hit it straight down against the table top to help reduce the bubbles and air pockets that may have developed. I then will take the head gun and smooth out the top as well as take it along the outside of the mold. I use the heat gun just enough until I start seeing tiny air bubbles emerging and raising up along the outer edges.

Again, this is what I do with soy wax so I'm not sure what the results will be with parrafin. Give it a try and see if it works - hopefully it will and you'll have some beautiful marble candles!

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Hi ss95. I've also tried my newbie hand at a couple of pillars using parrafin. I noticed that if I wait for the wax to cool to thick oatmeal, it's impossible to get into the mold before it's too cool to do anything with. I start stirring mine immediately after the skin forms on the top, scrapping the congealed wax off the bottom and sides. You don't need to stir constantly, but check and stir often until it gets to a THIN oatmealy consistently. THEN add your dye, mix with a spoon or dowel once or twice to get a good ribbon through the wax and pour quickly. Carefully thump your mold on a hard surface to force the wax down into the mold better if needed, and zap with your heatgun for air bubbles. Relief holes and second pour as needed. I need more practice myself, but this worked best for me and my parrafin.

Good Luck!

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I don't know whether this will help or not, but this is my method...

I've never been able to add the wax in the pour pot without it mixing too much so I wait. I stir the wax until it's a thick oatmeal consistency then use a large slotted metal spoon to plop some in the bottom of the mold. I add one drop color to the bottom and pour some of the thinner wax from the pot in to mix it a bit. Then spoon in another couple inches of wax and add another drop of color to the edge. If it doesn't spread much, I use a skewer to move it around just a tiny bit. Plop some more wax in and another drop of color on a different side. Keep going until it's full. I really like my heat gun for getting the air away from the sides so making the color less spread out initially means it doesn't blend completely when I zap the daylights out of it ;) I can't help with the wick, I use pins and wick it afterwards.

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Hi Thanks for the help. I sounds like my main error might be mixing in the dye too much!I give it a good few stirs, but will try with just one or too. Though one more question - does your wick usually stay in the candle? Even when mine have cooled over night, the wick still seems to come out!!


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