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rustic pillars

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I have a couple of problems here. First I attempted to make rustic multi colored pillars. I poured the first color and leaned the mold on its side,I waited until it set up and poured another color. I poured using 1343 and the instructions I was using said to pour at about 135 degrees. Well, a couple of things happened when I took them out of their molds. First the bottom layer came off completely so I am guessing I poured the second layer too cold? Then, the "rustic" blemishes are almost like big bubbles, where if you push on them or rub them lightly,they flake off. Also,some of the rustic marks are running length wise, they look more like seam marks or something.

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It would be helpful if you could post a pic so we could see the marks you're talking about to better be able to answer your questions.

As far as pouring temp goes, I make rustics ALL the time, and 135 is just too low a pouring temp, imo. I use 1343 as well, I always pour each layer between 150-155 in aluminum mods. Are you using stearic?

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Layers fell apart because the pour temp was too cool. Try bumping that up to 145 or 150 and then poke your relief holes through all layers and recap when it's time for the repour. That will help with binding the layers together too.

Sounds like big air bubbles. You can poke these from the side of your mold. You should be able to see shiny bubbles attached to the sides. I usually poke those with my skewer to loosen them.

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