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Help Spacing 3 Wicks...please!!

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Can some body pleeeeeeeeaaassse tell me how you work out the wick spacing for a 3 wick 'cup' candle. I've just poured one and stuck the wicks where i thought they looked evenly spaced, but now it just doesn't look right.

Is there a way of getting these right everytime? Is there a way of making a template?

I'm at a loss *LOL*..... "nothing new there" i hear you shout :o


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Don't know what you mean by "cup candle". Is it clear glass-can you see through it? If so, you can draw the shape of the container on it, lay out your wick pattern then set the jar on it, and locate the wicks on the layout.

If you can't see through it, make a cardboard template with holes punched where the wicks will go, place it in the container, and mark through it with a marker, and remove the template. Locate your wicks on the marks.


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