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Wooden Roses


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Okay I'm not much of a floral designer. I bought some onion grass but it's all on one stem. I'm curious to know as to how everyone else add the grass to their roses. One stem is really thick and seems to me to be too much and over whelming the roses.

I'm wondering what would be the easiest way to add the onion grass to them without using the whole thing. I hope I am making sense here lol

Also, on the babies breath, well it may not really be baby's breath but I like the flowers. I comes like 3 bunches to a stem. I was wanting to do some single roses or maybe 2 to put in a bud vase. Do you think it would be best to cut off one of these stems and just tape it to the roses stem?

Do you put anything in your vase to hold the roses in it and keep them straight or just stick them in there?

Hopefully, I am making sense to some of you floral designers out there.

TIA for any help.

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How many roses did you put together in your arrangement? Did you just put them in a vase and stick the onion grass in behind them? I made a group of 4 for gifts with fern leaves, baby's breath and roses. They turned out nice but I think the fern leaves made them too wide for a bud vase.

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The last pic is my rose in a vase. I ended up with fanning the onion grass and centering the rose and baby's breath. If you think you have too much onion grass the only thing I think you can do is cut some out. I don't know if they can be attached to the rose and look good but I haven't tried it so I really don't know. I'm sure whatever you do will look lovely. We are our own worst critics.


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I cut the onion grass from the stem & used less pieces taped to the rose stem with florist tape, along with some artificial rose leaves.

They look great.

I also made some posies & bouquets but I'm having trouble selling any of them despite the interest people show.

I posted pics in the candle gallery but I can't find them now.


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