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approx. burn times

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Hi. I'm getting my first shipment of soy wax in this week. I was just wondering what the approximate burn time is for these soy candles. I've been reading that they have a longer burn time than paraffin. I'm wondering about tealights, votives, 16 ounce containers and 20 oz. pillars. I know I have to test them and I am obviously going to do that- but I was just curious to see what your candles are burning at. I'm very anxious to get this order in and get started!! Thanks for any input!

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It is exciting to make your first candles, I remember my first candle and I was a nervous wreak worrying about how to pour, wicks etc that I just fretted for days before finally giving it a go.

If you give us a little more info about your jars we can give you more accurate idea of burn times. I definitely get longer burns from my soy candles than paraffin, though.

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