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Why sea salt


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My wife has been making and using bath salts (crystals) and using them in house for quite a while. She uses just epsom salts..FO's and water based dye. She bought a bottle of bath salts and saw that it has sea salt in it. Now she is wondering what is the purpose of sea salt in bath salts.


Jacksonville Fla.

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Other types of salts have different kinds of minerals in them, which may be beneficial. Or if not, they have great label appeal. :)

Epsom salts are magnesium chloride. Regular salt is sodium chloride. Sea salts/dead sea salts/etc are sodium chloride + minerals.

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I usually blend Epsom and Sea Salts together for my bath salts. The Epsom are supposed to help relieve muscle aches, but I believe quite a bit needs to be used for these effects (a couple cups worth in a bath, I think). The Sea Salts, as mentioned, have some wonderful minerals in them. Dendritic Salts (to toss out some more) have a different shaped crystal, more facets and thus more surface area, and are supposed to be superior in holding higher levels of scent. Dead Sea Salts are supposed to be the king of salts, including ridiculously high levels of minerals specific to the Dead Sea area. I haven't dabbled with the dead sea salts at all, simply because of their cost. My bath salts don't move very quickly, so the added cost was one I just couldn't justify.

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