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New source for Citric?? - Local to you!!


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Hi everyone...

I just read something on a website and thought I'd pass it along.

I was reading a bath fizzie recipie and after the Citric Acid measurement was given , in parentheses it said ( your pharmacist can order this for you)

:whoohoo: Could this be true?:party:

Who wants to be the first to try it?

I can get it locally from the bulk foods at our grocery store, but I know a lot of you have to order off line. If I remember I'll ask across the street at my drug store and let you know what they say... and I hope you do the same!

Here's to local sources!:highfive:

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That's good to know! We do have a bottling plant, not sure if that's the same.

When I think of ordering on line though, and when I think of how much something costs, I immediately add in the price of shipping. For example, lets say it costs $3/ lb from the pharmacist, but $1.89 /lb on line - you may have to buy a lot for this price and you may not (or may) want or need this much, but you have to remember it's PLUS shipping. So what I do is look at it and say, 'No, it's not just $1.89 for one lb, it's at least $6.89 for the first lb because i'm going to be paying shipping. It makes that $3/ lb really cheap. Maybe that's just me, and maybe they charge $7/lb, lol. (gawd I hope not:undecided ) Maybe my quasi math is totally wrong...But I really just put this out there for those who want to try it and are frustrated that they can't get it with out ordering online. I'll ask one today- ya I know I said that yesterday but I didn't need to go there afterall, lol. Now i'm just too curious and will find a reason, lol.

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Ok... well- I went and I asked but i'm not much farther ahead in what I know about this, lol. The lady looked it up on the computer... asked me which kind did I want (there were six). I said ' I guess you would just call it bulk powder". She said it showed 0 available. I had to drag out of her what that meant... well are you going to get more, CAN you get more? Etc... how does that work? She said 'Well it's in the computer, so you can get it, but it says 0 available- but yeah just check back I guess.' I'm like, ooook, lol...'Lets say there were some available, what would my price be?' She quoted me $21.73. I said 'How big is the package?' She didn't know. She said it says '500'. She thought maybe that meant Miligrams.

OOOk, 500 miligrams is how much bee pollen can fit in one tab, 500 milligrams is how much vitamin e can be in a capsule!!!! I know you said it was expensive mystical_angel, lol, but I'm not sure the pharmacist lady knows what she is talking about here! (scarey huh? *faint* lol) I suppose it could be $21 a tablet, lol.. but I doubt it. $21 for 500 whats? She said she gave me the price for the powder form. I'll ask at my other grocery store that has a pharmacy, lol.

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