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Need input about SFIC MP's


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I've been away from this site for quite a while but I'm wanting to make soap again so I'm back.

I was about to place an order with one of the companies I've use in the past...WSP or NG. Those companies are fine but now that I'm back here I keep hearing about SFIC and how great it is. Are all their MP bases great or any particular ones? Are they really harder and sweat less?

I'd really appreciate your feedback because I've wasted a lot of cashola in the past buying products that I liked but wasn't totally thrilled with.

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I really love SFIC shea and goat's milk bases. The cocoa butter ain't bad either, but it has a coconutty smell, so I can only use it with certain FOs, I feel. The cocoa butter is harder than the other bases, but I don't find any of them to be harder than other brands, in general. I also have the clear...it's ok, but I'm not too impressed. It seems to have a distinct odor. Not a "bad" odor, but a distinct smell. I am just particular about that because it will change the small of an FO, I've found. Overall, I am very happy with the GM and Shea so I'll always buy those. And my primary reason for trying SFIC in the first place was because they claim to be 100% vegetable based. If not for the SLES in Stephenson's I would have at least given them a shot...I may still do so at some point. I just don't like the SLS or SLES cuz I have very sensitive skin and I can tell the difference between that versus the SFIC.

OK, I'm rambling so I'll stop. :o

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The only non-SFIC M&P I have tried is the Silk n' Shea from Jody's (and I think WSP has it!). I LURVE SFIC's bases. I like the Goat's Milk..the Shea...the Low Sweat White. I haven't tried their clear ones yet, but I have them. I used the Cocoa butter one in a kitchen soap scented w/ coffee and it worked great.

I haven't tried Stephenson's yet, but one of their suppliers, Soaper Supplies, is about 3 miles from....yeah, no shipping!...so I might try them soon.


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