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No!! I have had absolutely no luck in getting a response from them for the past 3-4 months! I used them for my labels for two years and loved their customer service and work product, but can get nothing from them now. Their website has been updated since my last order, but they will not answer e-mails.

I tried placing an order online just to get through to them, but got an auto response that if I did not send my check in 10 days that it would be automatically cancelled.

I can not order my labels through their online system because it is my personal design and can not be duplicated online.

I am disgusted and distressed in not being able to reach them. I loved their work!

Does anyone have any information on this?



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No luck here. And you echo my exact feelings and situation. I bet she's messed up enough of us here on the board to maybe do something? I don't know what can be done but I will research the BBB and see how you file a complaint. Maybe theres something like an email petition that everyone can sign Or I was thinking we could email her and letting her know she will have a regular "dissing" post on this forum. What that will accomplish....I don't know but I wanted to do that out of vengence. I'll check things out and let y'all know.


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