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Salt Bars


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I'm no expert by any stretch but I am able to unmold mine about 2 hours after their done. I cut mine through & through 2-3 times then I just leave em to cool down and 'do their own thang!' - I soap mostly late at night, so they normally stay in the mold overnight before I take em out - but have done so in the 2hr period also. Did I just confuzzle things more??

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LOL no you didn't. I poured them in the Wilton flexible flower molds. I under estimated the amount I needed for all six so I only got 4 and HL only had 1 of the molds :cry2: This will have to work until I can get more and refigure my oil weights needed. For anyone that uses this mold if you don't mind sharing the total weight needed for this mold I would greatly appreciate it.

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