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My first cane...can I fix this

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I just got my wax from Peaks yesterday and tried my first cane. It's supposed to be for a friend but...I guess I didn't get the photo mashed up against the mold very good on the bottom right corner cause it's foggy looking. Can I fix that or should I start over? Thanks

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I do the same as snow. No waste, just peel off the picture, melt the wax back down, and try again. I use a skewer to press the picture against the side of the mold, AFTER I've let the picture sit in the hot wax a bit to release all the air bubbles. Just keep moving the skewer from the middle of the picture to the outside edge, pushing all the wax and air from between the mold and the picture. When I get it where I like it and I think I've got it pressed against the mold really good I place a cold rag on the mold to hold it in place, then I place it in the water bath.

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