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I am checking to see if I did the right thing. I had an order placed through my website a week ago. I started to fill the order and one of the items was OOS at my location. SO I called my supplier and well it is no longer in stock with them.

So I sent an email to the customer explaining that it was out of stock and asked if they would like to subsitute with another item. I sent two emails. I haven't heard anything and it has been a week. I try and pride myself in having my orders out with in 3 days. SO I refunded the amount for the item along with a note explaining that the item was out of stock and I sent an email asking them if they would like to subsitute. I also told them that I will ship the order 3/12/07-(I figured that this would give them time to get back to me.) and I told them if they wanted to have a subsitute to please email me and we will rebill for the item.

DID I do the right thing?

Oh, I forgot I tried to call the customer but the number they gave me said that it had changed to an unpublished number. SO I could make contact with them this way.

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Thanks, I guess I just need some reassurance that I did the right thing. I just feel so bad that I can not get the item that they wanted. I didn't realize that the supplier wasn't going to be carring it anymore.

And I agree that it is weird that I wasn't given a working number but people do weird things all the time.

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Some places don't bother so it's really nice when the suppliers try to reach you & let you know when something is not available. Good job!!

I know how that feels so I just try and treat my customers as I want to be treated. There is nothing I hate more than ordering from a company and getting my box of goodies and half of it isn't there because it was out of stock or back order.

And thanks for the replies. I just feel bad that I couldn't reach the customer and if I don't hear from them by Monday their order will be shipped with out the item.

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