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OK73/1 ?'s

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Makes Scents Candles.

It's a pre-blended 135MP wax, meaning it's got additives already in it. That's an important thing to know. If it was a plain straight paraffin with no additives you'd have to add them yourself. This wax should be usable with just fragrance and dye (and maybe some UV inhibitor to prevent the colors fading).

I've never used it but sounds like you should be able to make votives and pillars with it.

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OK73/1 Wax

OK 73/1 is a general purpose paraffin wax made specifically for pillars, tapers and votives.

55 lbs. Per Case (5/11 lb. Slabs)

Melt Point: 135

Pour Temperature: 160-180° F

Makes Scents Candle Supply, Pataskla, OH

The employees at Makes' told me this was a straight paraffin. It just figures that it is not, they dish out conflicting info quite often.

I would like to try a rustic from this wax. I was wondering about wicking and hot/cold throw.

Top...do you know who the mfg. of this wax is?

Thanks, Cathy

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Hi Cathy.

It was an Astor/Honeywell wax. When the Astorwax site was up you could look up the specs, but it got taken down after the IGI acquisition.

I'm always curious when someone asks about an obsure wax so I found what I could on it. This page seems to say it's a pre-blend http://www.wonjinchem.com/product/honey/honeyf.htm. That's all I'm going on but it looks pretty authoritative.

Well, making something new always involves trial and error regardless of the wax. I would try it with 1/2 or 3/4 oz fragrance oil to avoid complications while checking it out. Maybe pour around 145 without additives and see how it comes out. You could also try 5% stearic acid and compare.

Wicking you'll have to experiment with too, but you could try in the ballpark of flat ply 27/30/36 or LX 14/16/18.

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