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Question on Dyes for soap


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I bought some ultra marines in the classies and am having trouble with them. Just can get them to mix all the way in. I put them in my oils (that I add to MP) and stir like crazy, but they remain powdery..... and I get speckled soap:undecided How do I get these to blend....and how much should I be using?

I have also tried the Wiltons in my MP with the same results, globs of the gel in the soap.

Any help would be appreciated!!

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I don't use those in M&P, just CP/HP. But most of the UM's I get are meant to be dissolved in water, not oil. You might try smooshing them into a dab of glycerin before incorporating into your M&P though. That works well for me with both the powders meant to be dissolved in water and those meant to be dissolved in oils.

Edited to add: I smoosh the powders into a tiny dab of glycerin using a rubber spatula until there are no more dry specks. hth

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