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Bracelets...can anyone help crafty challenged mom with DD b-day party??


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My DD would like to make bracelets with her friends at her birthday party. She is turning 8. I am the least crafty person I know. I walk into Michael's and I break out in hives :o I would really like this to be simple and successful but don't know where to begin.

I am confused as to which kind of threading to use for this project. There were only a bazillion choices. Also, I wanted to use alphabet beads so the girls could spell their names. How do I make sure that the thread is the right width for the bead hole. (Earlier I had bought materials and the bead wouldn't fit onto the thread). Lastly, how do I get the clasp on. This is where I have real difficulty. I tied the bracelet closed on my demo, but it kept opening. Beads were flying...you get the idea. HELP!

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If I were you, I would buy elastic thread for them. Measure about double or triple what their wrist size is and cut it. Tie a knot in one end for them and let them have at with the beads. .5mm would probably be the size you need for thread. It fits most normal size beads, especially the ones for kids. When they are done, simply tie the ends in a knot and you are good to go. I just had my daughter's 9th birthday party and we had them make lava lip gloss and smelly jellies...it was so fun! :)

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Tie the knots good and tight or you'll have beads all over the place.

Thanks, HS

Yes, I'm going to have to work on that technique b/c I have had "beads all over the place" more times than I care to remember! This is what I really want to get right. I don't want the girls to make the bracelets and then have them all falling apart.

Is there a special kind of knot I should be tying or just a double knot? I suppose I could also add a drop of glue to the knot. I think DH has some glue that might work.

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Thanks so much everyone!

I am getting a "crash course" in toggles, crimps, wire, and other fun stuff as I try to figure this out. It's actually not so bad! (famous last words, lol! :) )

The Michael's bead aisle is still pretty scary for me though, I must admit! :tongue2:

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