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Can't find out what type of gel this is


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I've bought some gel wax to try a candle. Well really a glaze.

I've been making 'normal' wax candles for a whole 2 days now lol. I'm just an addict, I hold my hand up.

Been reading a few of the threads on here, and they seem so technical. I looked at the newbies bit and it mentions different densities.

Well all it says on mine is: Salix Associates Ltd, Gel Wax. Only use with saix gel wax colourant and specialist gel wicks and to melt at approx 70C (I haven't got a thermometer yet :( )

Is this all correct?

I've got a pack of rainbow colours for it, but they (hobbycraft) didn't have any fragrances for gel. I've only got the ones for normal wax. (btw, the other wax just says wax on it, not what type)

Also, I was intending making a normal wax pie crust, with embeds, then using the gel as a glaze to drizzle over the top. Is it ok for both different waxes to come into contact with each other?

There essay over, sorry its so long, but I really want to learn. Everything just seems so technical :o

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Well I tried to find that gel wax on the internet and didn't have any luck so my best advice is to treat it like LP Gel.

You will need to polar test each one of your FOs http://www.gelcandlemaking.com/section4.html

If all but a very little drizzle over the top is regular wax you are fine with all scents but if you are making it like my tutorial http://www.candletech.com/forums/showthread.php?t=30592 then your FOs have to be nonpolar.

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Hiya, thanks for that.

Can I ask what white mineral oil is? Is it called something different in the UK?

I've ordered some flashpoint FO (ooh get me, FO hehe) which along with other stuff should be here early next week.

If I can't test it I may have to wait till then. Got the colours and the wicks already.

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