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Why does my second pour always look darker?


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Wow! Am I glad I found this site! Lot's of great information!

What am I doing wrong that my second pour always comes out looking a little darker than the first. I'm still experimenting with what wax to use but it doesn't seem to matter as far as this goes. It's happened on all of them.

After the first pour I set my pour pitcher aside and don't reheat it until I'm ready to do the second pour.

Thanks ~ Anne

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I have the opposite problem, my dye always looks lighter. With pillars it's easy to just top up to the wax limit, but with votives i find it much more difficult. I can never manage not to over flow the candle and so it's gives a messed up top. I've found that not quite filling up to the top of the votive mould in the first place, and the infilling to the very top of the mould works great.

Except the dye, even though it's the same wax, just remelted whats left and poured a little hotter, is lighter so it creates a slight line

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