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Vybar vs Universal additive

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They're completely different substances but they accomplish roughly the same thing. They will harden the wax, make it more opaque looking, and increase fragrance retention.

The usage rate for Universal Additive is higher than for Vybar. For instance, in a fragranced pillar you might use 1/2 or 1 teaspoon Vybar 103 versus 2 teaspoons of UA.

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But..........if you use too much you can actually bind the scent. So dont think if a little will enhance the scent maybe a little more will make it better.

Oh so true.

However, I can't stand UA lol. It doesn't matter if I use one bead or 10 or 1/4 tsp etc. ... it causes terrible fingernailing on my candles. Some find it cool and I just don't want it.

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I've used UA with all kinds of wax and had no problems at all. If you have problems I would guess it's from using too little. 2 teaspoons per pound is usually about right and that's the minimum. I've used plenty more.

UA is actually 2 additives, microcrystalline wax and polyethylene (luster crystals or gloss poly). The polyethylene content is maybe 10 to 20%, so if you put in even one whole teaspoon it's like using only a small fraction of a teaspoon of gloss poly. Enough to modify the wax very noticeably (it doesn't take much) but maybe not enough to keep the crystals from shearing apart and making fingernails.

IGI recommends an addition rate of 2 to 5%. It's unlikely you'd put in enough to "bind the scent" or anything. This stuff is completely different from Vybar.

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