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Slab or Log ? That is the question !!

Madd Mikey

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Depends on what you want to do. I do about 1/2 of mine in a log mold. If I want to swirl fancy, I use a slab. I also do my thicker chunky cut in a slab.

Slabs for me get more ash, and are harder for me to insulate (they don't fit in the oven).

My slabs can also do logs - the sides on one of them are 3" tall.. My log molds can also do slab work, when I pour 1" high.

So I'm pretty multipurpose. DH built them all. I've got 2 logs and 2 slabs.

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I have an Uplands mold, a heavy duty plastic slab mold, 2 wood log molds and a new wood mold that doubles as both a slab mold and a log mold. I am still searching for that mold to beat all molds but haven't found it so far. I do like my Uplands because of the liner but its hard to cut a straight line. I am still looking at a Kelsies mold or the slab mold that Brambleberry sells since a gal I work with has it and just loves it. I haven't yet decided if I prefer a slab or a log mold. So far, I guess I would say that my favorite it my Southern Belle wood log mold. I do know though that I prefer wood molds.

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