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I don't sell my candles yet. just some tarts and right now i'm putting together a basket as a pay back for a lady that let me use her dog kennel to put my beagle dog in to keep her off her leg after surgery. what i was needing to know is do i still have to go thru a lot of red tape or what just to put a name like firstlady candles on my jar/ tarts ? i'm not going into a business , but would still like to put something on a tag with my name on the jj candles and tarts i'm giving to her. i don't have a clue what legal or not on these things. thanks:rolleyes2

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Thanks Bev, that what i was thinking but wasn't sure . i want to get real good at making candles but at the same time i know i only want to make them to give as gifts or to sell to just friends or family and so forth, do not plan on selling as a business, i have heard on here how much time and effort that does have to go into it, to make and sell candles as a busniess. and i enjoy doing so many other things, i would never have the time to give to candle making like i would have to, to sell as a business.

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