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I need to make a candle gift basket. I have some of the Dollar Tree baskets. You know, the ones that are kinda oval shaped. What kind of candles would you put in, and what is the best type of paper filler to use in the baskets? It seems like you have to buy alot (10 lbs) of one color, so I would like to get one or two that are very versitile.

Thanks for your help.


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I like to use excelsior shred (wood shreds) because it doesn't get squashed down so much by the weight of the candles. When I make a gift basket with a dollar store basket, I usually fill with an 8 oz. jj, a couple of 4 oz. quilted jj's and some votives, as well as a votive cup.

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i made 5 baskets for my dh's fire dept. and everyone wanted one. i put 5 different scents of tarts in in bagged up, an electric candle warmer behind them with a dish to melt them in, in center of basket i put a tall flower pot/ garden little do-da, from dollar store, yet was pretty. and flowers in front laying to match , just small ones. everyone lthat didn't win one , wanted one. because i wasn't happy with my candles at the time, even my jj. but some pillars. votives, soap lotion what ever you make would be nice. i used the shredded grass/oss at walmart just for thes baskets , a bag of it, once it was pulled apart there was a lot in the bag.

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