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Well ive decided....

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To start all over lol. On the the next wax I guess. Most of the scents im tryin in the eco vb are working well now that i have the right wick. There IS scent throw, but I have to have them lit for quite a while for them to clean up more on the edges, but it does catch up. However, sometimes there is no cracking sometimes there is. I dont know what the heck the problem is but its a real pain in the butt lol. So as soon as this batch of wax is gone, I am MOVING ON lol. Ive poured at all temps and then the ones that dont crack one time at a certain temp, do another time at the same temp. SO....thats a pain. I dont know, I guess I could try veg stearic, where do you think i would find that? But I think im just going to try the ky votive pillar next and if that works better for me than I will test more with that. :smiley2: I also got a package today that two oils were missing out of. They were samples, but one leaked and two oils fell out of the wet and torn padded envelope they were shipped in. And now all I can smell is pumpkin cheesecake and I dont even like pumpkin! lol So anyway, that is my news for the day lol


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GOod for you for moving on! After over a year of using EZ soy, I'm about to go wax shopping again, too. I'm going to sample some soy/para blends and I'm also going to try my hand at Ecosoya CBA - I'm excited but nervous.

Now to find some money to buy some new waxes......... ;)

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