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difference between 415/115 and Ky125/115?

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Currently and for a while now have been mixing 50/50 415 & 115 and haven't had any problems.....until now. lol Am only able to use light to moderate fo's with the 415/115 mix. (can't wick higher and I sooo don't feel like messing with the fo percentages again)

I had already ordered a box of the ky125 to mix with the 115, and to test. I am going to try my heavier fo's again (same percentage as I always used to use) and compare.

I plan on making some tommorrow, but am curious whether or not anyone has used both combos before and if there is any noticable differance??

...........getting frustrating......:mad:

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Why are mixing the 2 together, is there something you are trying to eliminate or achieve? The 415 is a pretty good throwing wax on it's own. Don't have an answer to your question because I have never tried the 115. But in answer to the title of your post, the KY125 is 415 with cottonseed oil in it, if I remember correctly, and the 415 does not. I haven't dabbled in my candles lately, but I think that is right.

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oh I absolutely love the 415 - I think it has an incredible throw, both hot and cold. I was having a heck of a time wicking, however. As soon as the 115 became available, I started mixing the two and had wonderful luck with that combo.

All of the sudden, I am having problems wicking again. Everything is the same. :confused:

I know people were mixing the 125 with the 115 as well. I went to their board and supposedly the 125 may be easier to wick.

If it does work out, I know I won't be able to say 100% soy though.

I couldn't wait and made a couple tonight with the 125/115. Anxiously awaiting...

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the ky125 should supposedly burn well most of the time if not year round. It was found that some batches of the ky125 did burn differently enough during some of the cooler months that the 115 made the burn easier. With that being said, when I ordered some ky125 and 115, Vickey said that I probably would not need the 115 to blend.

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