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People placing orders and cancelling


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I'm getting just a little jacked at this lady.. She has now palced two orders in the past two day sand cancelled them both. WTF? The next order she is being processed immediately and will not be able to cancel it. Anyone deal have this problem? I think she is a wholesale reying to buy, but never requested, she keeps talking about shipping to a commercail address and checking inventory. Ready to put a block on her email

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Is she a new account?

Does she have a verifiable *real* business?

Did she sign an agreement on your terms and policies?

I would have let her fend for herself after the first cancellation. I consider customers like this a nuisance, and a huge waste of my valuable time. You gave her a second chance and she blew it. End of story, IMO.

I would refund her and call it a day.

Wholesale customers like this are nothing but headaches.

Business is business. It seems like she is taking you for a fool.

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we'll she never asked for wholesale, and never logged in, so I'm not offering. I didn't have to put much effort into it, never downloaded it off the system, so no legwork involved, but just kind of irritates you when they abuse the system. 4_2_211.gif


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