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Flicker's Persimmon


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not used it in paraffin but in soy it is awesome so I expect it would do great in parrafin. It is a best seller in my line. Are you from the indy area, I am in greenwood. I love Rhonda's oils, they are all really nice. :grin2:


Hey! Yes....in Greenfield! Nice to know there's someone else in the Indy area! I'm always a bit hesitant to order from suppliers rather than manufacturers. You never know who's just throwing something together and selling it. I just had never seen a persimmon fo before and it reminded me of the persimmon pudding my granny used to make. Sounds like a good one for fall! Janis, do you do candles for a hobby or sell? I have been swamped all week making colts & bears candles. I've sold a boatload of them! Sort of nice to have that income in the post holiday slump!

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