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Relief holes in pillars

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I have made a pillar and poked relief holes to do the second pour... the candle turned out fine. I am now burning it and it is burning beautifully.. however I noticed that in the bottom of the melt pool I can see the circles where I poked relief holes and I think I trapped bubbles in there also..The circles are not hollow.. but more like a ring with wax in the middle and outside.. if that makes sense. :)

Do I need to pour this second pour hotter? Is that why this happened?

thanks for any advice.


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I usually pour 10 degrees hotter but I just never noticed this happening before. The candle is burning well and the scent throw is good... I just thought it looked a little strange with these circles in it and I knew they were from my releif holes.

I think I will try pouring the second pour a little hotter next time and see if that does better.

thank you so much for your help.


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An afterthought here....the relief holes were visible only if I used the candle in the same position as poured. If turned upside down (which is really right side up) then the relief holes will be on the bottom of the candle and never seen........I've had a long day so I hope this makes sense.

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