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Renaming Fragrance HELP !!!


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Well this is what it says : Close your eyes and picture an old fashioned summer terrace with its hanging baskets of helitorope , Boston ferns and the ebtrancing mix of the surrounding forest. This scent is a unique floral bouquet with nuances of heliotropes blooms, citrus , greens , soft musk and hints of woody notes.

Its really nice and subtle . Dont know what its like in wax but lotion is fantastic ! Id love to know how to make soap and have this as a soap fragrance !!...

Id like to cancel the "terrace" word...Something outdorrsy or something...I dont know...Im not very good at this !

Thanks for the suggestion tho !

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Here's something about heliotrope fragrance.

Like many traditional cottage-garden flowers, heliotrope was prized by our grandmothers. For more than a few years it was hard to find in the marketplace but now it’s available just about everywhere. There are named varieties galore, with flowers in white and pale lavender. But I prefer the species, the old-fashioned kind with dark green, crinkled leaves and deep purple flowers. It’s most dependable, both in ease of care and reliable fragrance. Reminiscent of vanilla, the heliotrope’s scent gave rise to its common name used years ago: the cherry-pie plant.

You've probably noticed heliotrope's perfume through a dark hot summer evening, just a musky sweetness on the still humid air. A scent to remind you of Grandma's garden or maybe the tropics.

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