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I need help naming a scent


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Ewww...that doesn't even sound good!! But it probably is..I'm always surprised at mixes that sound like they would be horrid. Uhmmm how about Beach Brulee? or Passion Brulee? or Funky Monkey? LMAO...sounds like something you could call ANYTHING! Good Luck.

LOL, I know, it sounds weird, but it really does smell good - like a dessert! I personally can't stand "Sex on the Beach" plain, it turns my stomach. I was looking for something to mix with it. Well, I keep all of my scents in a container and every time I open that container, I would smell this yummy scent, I can't explain it. Well, I accidentally added "Creme Brulee" to the "Sex on the Beach" yesterday and it is the exact scent I've been smelling all this time. I'm excited to have it. It really is yummy :)

Thanks for the suggestions - they are great! Keep 'em coming:)

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