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Website Up Need Input Please


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Everything looks great, but the pictures seemed blurred to me, as if they were scanned. It may be my computer, curious to see if others find the pictures more clear than what I see. Nice job on your site, and good luck with it.

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I like the shipping options but what if someone puts in the first class shipping and it weighs more but they pay for first class.

Most consumers won't know the weight of items - actually they won't pay attention what there orders weighs to add the correct freight.

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Looks very nice and homey. The pictures are blurry and hard to see the details. Also noticed in several places you will need to go back and proofread as there are a lot of errors. Example:

<The soaps need to cure for at least 4 weeks this gives them time dry out giving you a longer lasting bar. >

I noticed several of these type of errors. BUT your site is very welcoming other then that! Good Job!

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I like your site. It is easy to navigate it looks nice and homey and doesn't have any glaring faults.

Now for the input...

When or before you launch your website you should always get it validated. Validating just reads the code of your site and tells you if there are any errors. If you have errors you need to fix them right away or people are going to be saying stuff like I can't get the cart to work, etc. and for some they will opt to shop where the cart does work.

W3C is the entity that sets the standards for the html code that your site is built on. Simply go to this site - http://validator.w3.org/ and type your website address (URL) into the box that says validate by URL and it will display a list of these errors and will give you information on how to correct them.

Your site has 20 such errors, which I say is not too bad. I've validated sites with errors in the hundreds and the documentation on how to fix these is a little thick to wade through, but it is manageable with the help of google and W3C's help guides.

Once you get that done you should read up on how google, and other search engines catalog websites. This will give you some heads up on how to get more people to come to your site. You can submit your URL too, here: google - http://www.google.ca/addurl/?hl=en&continue=/addurl

Make sure you test your site in several browsers as well. Not everyone uses IE or Firefox, but they are the important ones, because the majority of your customers use them.

If you have large pictures and want to resize them and have them still look good there is a great freeware picture editor/viewer called irfanview that will crop and resize a jpeg with very little loss to the quality of the photo. You can get irfanview here - http://www.download.com/IrfanView/3000-2192_4-10608664.html?tag=lst-0-1

If you get stuck in the process just ask, and I'll see how I can help.


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