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ISO of margarita oil that isn't heavy on lime


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I'm looking for a margarita fragrance oil that's not so heavy on the lime. I've tried Nature's garden and i really love it, but am looking for one that has more of a tropical smell. to describe it is hard, but was not like a "pina colada" type smell, was similar to lime, but more hawaiin type.... if that makes sense... maybe they just renamed something else and called in a tropical margarita.

i looked up what a tropical margarita has in it, and here's what i came up with... TROPICAL MARGARITAS

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1 1/4 oz. Tequila

1/2 oz. Triple Sec

4 oz. Sweet & Sour

2 oz. Guava Nectar

OR - try Mango Nectar

Blend with ice.

Garnish with LIGHT

salt on rim and add "stuff"**

Mil bought a "cheap" candle before i started doing this that was called Tropical Margarita... it scented for 2-3 months for a less than 8 oz size and the candle was only $1. couldn't believe it worked that long. well, now she can't find it-they've sold out and not restocked.

she does love the lime margarita, but i would love to find her something similar.

I did a search and basically the only margarita i came up with was people talking about drinking one!! lol..

TIA for anyone who can help me out!! would love to surprise her.


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i love NG too, but to me i smell more lime.... just looking for something a little less "lime" smelling. she likes it of course, but would love to find the tropical one... maybe i'll just have to make one myself?

anyone else have any ideas?



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i've got a sample coming from Aroma Haven (thanks Charmiesonline) that is supposedly not as heavy on the lime.

I absolutely love NG's margarita, but to me, is heavy on the lime.

will try AH's FO and see if it's closer, then maybe mix something like Sex on the Beach with it? heavier on the sex on the beach and lighter on the margarita.

Thanks for the ideas. maybe i can find a few oils that are in the real tropical margarita. i guess i'll just have to start mixing fragrances and see what i come up with. I'll let you know. I just thought it would be easier to just buy a fragrance oil already made.... but, it's a challenge now!!!!


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