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wanting to make chunk and pillar candles

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I use a pillar blend when I made my chunks. Its been a while, so sorry, I don't remember which. Lately I have been using KY pillar blend and its a little too opaque for the chunks IMO. But if you want to try them, just use what you have closest to you. A lot of the suppliers will tell you which wax works well for which application. The higher melt point waxes do well for the chunks and over pour. I used a silicone mold to make my own chunks. Poured colored wax, cut up, shoved into molds, over pour clear. Worked well for me.:laugh2:

Good luck, they are alot of fun to make.



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I use 4625 for chunk pillars. Don't really know how it compares to other pillar blends because I haven't really used very many others. Anyway, it works for me. I don't pour tons of pillars, however, so take my advice with a grain of salt. LOL

Edited to add: What will you need? Do you mean in terms of equipment? Besides a pillar mold and wicking, you'll need a jelly roll pan or similar to pour your chunk wax. I use an old jelly roll pan (it's like a cookie sheet with a rim all the way around) and pour my chunk wax into that. While it's still warm but firm and set up, I cut it like a pan of brownies into chunks. Let it cool thoroughly, then break apart the chunks on the cut lines.

I never have trouble unmolding, but maybe some folks use mold release too. hth

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I make my chunks in mini ice cube trays. I have used 6060 soy wax, CB Pillar Blend, and CB Advanced (container wax) for my chunks and overpour.

I scent and color my chunks and overpour. Just make the overpour a light color.

Good luck, and show us pictures of your first one.

It doesn't matter how you put your chunks in the mold. I just toss mine in. Sometimes all at once. Sometimes, I will pour a little, put in some chunks, then pour some wax, then chunks. Do this until the mold is full.

I've made jar chunk candles also.

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Sometimes I like to "engineer" my chunks and arrange them just so. Other times I love the look of just tossing 'em all in and letting the chips, errr.... CHUNKS, fall where they may. ;) Either way is kinda cool. One of my favorite chunk candles alternated small chunks and thick, blocky chunks of separate colors. I'll have to see if I can dig up a pic. I thought it came out kinda cool.


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