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Thinking about attempting pillars...

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...and I need advice. I've never made a pillar and any pillar I've ever burned or my mom has ever burned has always had a blowout (at least I think that's what they are called). So I guess my questions are:

1. Where should I start (beyond researching the threads here because that is what I will do next).

2. How should a pillar burn.

3. Does the wicking need to be primed first?

4. What should I always do?

5. What should I never do?

Please give me any advice. Since I suck at the searching through threads here thing this could take me awhile, but I want to jump right in there and make a pillar!

TIA for any and all help!!


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Only thing I can tell you is go for it. Make sure you use a pillar/votive type wax. You can prewick or use wick pins. The only difference between containers and pillars are the pillars are freestanding. The techniques and ideas on the left side have some really good instructions too.



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Hi Kelly;

I would suggest doing your homework and research (reading posts) before you just jump in. Learn from others.

Go to www.candlesceince.com Use their wick guide to determine where to start at with a wick.

Personally, I like about 1/4" left around my pillars. Although, my 3" pillars are a little less. If I let them burn too long, they start to spill out the sides.

Good luck, let us know how they turn out.

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