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Weighing utensils


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Was wondering what utensils to get to weigh FO and dye and get a accurate amout( no leave some in or on the instument). Or even so goes it have to be that accure( + or - .01 oz). I would think an automatic pipet would do the trick, but they are pricey.

Oh and i'm buying a presto pot from ebay that some one has altered to put a brass gadget that pours the wax from the bottom. Is that common of most gel candlers to use?

Are all dyes safe for gel candles, i don't see any referances about that.

Thanks in advance:cheesy2:

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I use a presto with the brass spigot for gel with no problem. I melt my gel and then measure out the amount in a glass pitcher. Then I calculate the amount of fo the gel will hold and weigh that out. I don't use measuring spoons. I really don't use a lot of dyes except when I'm doing food candles. So, I'm not sure about all dyes.

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There is no way to prevent leaving a bit in what ever you measure your FO out in that is just a fact of life what tiny amount left is not enough to sweat over. I use Dixie cups on my scale to hold the FO. As for dyes you use such a tiny amount in gel you really can't measure it unless you are melting a very large quantity of gel. As long as the dyes are made for candles you can use them in gel.

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We don't weigh the dye colors either...only the FO's.

We also use a presto pot to melt large quanities of gel. I drilled and tapped the presto pot and put in a shut off valve. Once the gel is melted in the presto pot, we put it into a corning ware pot that has the volume measurements on the inside. We can fill it from the presto pot up to 4 cups.

We use a large candy thermometer in the corning ware pot on an electric range to get it to the exact temperature we want. Into this we add dye until its the color we want.

As far as the FO's...I cut (facet) gemstones so I have a scale the measures very acurately in oz/dwt/carat/grams.

We put a little paper medicine dispensing cup on the scale...the cup weights .9 grams. then we add the proper amount of FO. A little left in the cup really isn't going to make a noticeable difference.

Hope this helps


Jacksonville Fl

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