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Flameless Candles by Candle Impressions


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Did anyone see these battery operated flameless candles on QVC last week?

They were selling them like crazy......very expensive candles. They use 2

"C" batteries. Here's the link to their site:


They are scented wax with the flickering bulbs. It seems to me that any of you who make the grubby electric candles (I haven't yet), could make these if you used a battery base instead of the electric ones. These don't seem that much more advanced than what some of you chandlers do already. It seems all you need is the money to capitalize on other's ideas and make a fortune.

Scroll down to "Press Release" and read "The Bachelor Guy" article.

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Yep, I saw that on TV. I think they're ridiculous and the appearance is ugly IMO. At least with the electric grubbies they're cute and unique looking. Did you notice they kept mentioning how it was a "soft" scent..which means NO scent! Then they had those stupid tealights with the different colored "flames"...Ugh...I just thought in general that these were absurd and I wouldn't spend a penny on one. I'd choose a wickless over these anyday!

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Yes, and they claim their candles last forever, but they fail to say that the scent won't. Anyone who uses these will be getting only ambiance and if they want fragrance, they will still have to use something else along with it.

The general public will fall for almost anything that sounds or looks good and there are so many retailers out there that care only about making money, not stating all the facts. This product is a one-time sale, so they don't have to worry about getting repeat customers.

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I saw these and i thought...they got to be kidding lol! this one lady said she had ordered 7 sets, and i think they were like $33 for 2, i know they were way high, to me they looked nothing like a candle, was not that bright at all , nor was they colored pretty and i sure can't see how they could have a smell, she did say they weren't strong, i just can't image someone buying these, paying that amount of money. yet will complain about the price of good smelling home made candles and tarts.

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