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Ditto Anna,

I heard that Sandlewood was hard to wick & couldn't get much info so here's what I did:

Wax: 1343A

3 tablespoons Stearic pp

1 oz FO pp

color light brown

made a small 2x3 candle to test the FO since I hadn't used it before. Started with a LX16 - too big, wicked down to LX14, still too big, wicked down to LX12 --- perfect burn. Burned this baby for 5 straight hrs and it was just barely starting to bulge. (I'm new to using the LX wicks & didn't have a clue where to start)

I have a hard time wicking 2" candles but this time it is a winner.:highfive:

Also poured a 3x6 w/same mixture - haven't lit it yet - will report back when I do.

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Anna, were all these dark colored candles? I've heard that darker colors can clog the wicks and I have to say that I have had trouble with the darker ones I've made. They burn good about half way, then start stalling out. I read at one supplier's website(can't remember who) that you should strain dark colored wax thru coffee filters to remove undissolved pigment....just something else for the 'to test' list :sad2:

I think we can safely add Patchouli & Dragon's Blood to the 'hard to wick' list.

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I didn't have any trouble wicking the Apple Jack & Peel from Peak (used the same wick I usually use in the jar I put it in) but I couldn't get a good throw from it, just a fuel smell.

So far (*knocking on wood*) I haven't used an FO yet that has been hard to wick, thank goodness.

I heard that vanillas and the heavier/spicier scents are usually harder to wick, or have to be "wicked up".

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Sorry I have been gone,Have to work to support this hobby.Yes they are all dark colors,that is just what my jars are doing burn good the first half and then a very small flame.

Michi I got my Applejack and peel from starville candle supply,and it is wonderful.

I use 1 1/2 oz fo pp.

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